Studio & Gear

My home studio capabilities are designed for my purposes. I can record, mix, and produce various instruments, including acoustic or electric guitars, synths, and others.

The studio is based on a MacBook Pro M1 and Scarlett 18i8 audio interface with ART TPS II and ADA8200 external preamps. I listen on Focal Alpha 65 monitors and DT990 Pro headphones.

I mostly record with the CX112, SM57, e609, and stereo tracks with the LCT 040 Match. When recording electric guitars, I use the Simplifier MKII amp simulator. For live sessions, I rely on my custom-made MMJUZ Dirty Sound amp.

Choosing the best guitar from my collection is a tough call. The 1985 Japan Tokai Silver Strat is the most convenient one with its fast frets. I appreciate the simplicity of the Reverend Buckshot and the complexity of the Schecter Corsair.

My Epiphone FT-145 acoustic guitar has been through a lot since the 70s when it was made in Japan. Nevertheless, it remains the best acoustic instrument I own.

While I frequently explore new synths, I will never part with the DSI Mopho x4 and Bass Station II. Among my growing drum machine collection, the DrumBrute Impact is my favorite for its capabilities in live sessions and composition. Since I can't afford the original TR-808, I have the MFB 522.

DIY stuff