22. Aug 2020
Synth Workshop



1. Aug
City Picnic (Ryboko)


21. Dec
Finally Jammed

13. Sep
Wedding Party (Miserable Ones)

8. Jun
Surf-Rock Party (Miserable Ones)

27. Apr
Body Shot, Echo Prostejov (Live synth session)

5. Apr
Ziki Records Live Session (Miserable Ones)

16. Mar
Echo Prostejov, Olomouc (Miserable Ones)

2. Mar
The 27 Music Club, Prostejov (Miserable Ones)

22. Feb
Bounty Rock Cafe, Olomouc (Miserable Ones)

19. Jan
Photography Exhibit & Concert, Echo Prostejov (Gambini)


14. Dec
Rock’n’roll funeral, Prostejov (Pink Tuxedo Gang/guest)

1. Dec
The 27 Club, Prostejov (The Sculptures)

6. Sep
Summer is not dead, Prostejov (Miserable Ones)

1. Sep
Valšov synth workshop & jam

18. Aug
Sandokan Party, Plumlov (Miserable Ones)

31. Jul
Synthesizers and other music gear (Workshop)

23. Jun
Kamenka Open Air Festival, Brno (Miserable Ones)

9. Mar
Play live with Ableton Live (Workshop)